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Tuesday, October 2, 2007



Lipozene: Using SAFE Alternatives to Achieve The Promised Weight Loss of Lipozene

If you want to see why you should NOT buy Lipozene diet pills, read my prior article: Lipozene.

So if Lipozene is not the way to go, what is? Which diet pill should you use to accelerate your weight loss - if any? And since diet pills are known to only produce short-term weight loss, how do you STAY slim once you get there? Here are the answers:

Step 1: Start with a Natural solution first.

If you want long-term success - not just to get the weight off, but to KEEP it off - you need to change your nutritional and lifestyle habits to more HEALTHY ones!

And to do this, you need to use a Full Diet Plan - that not only helps you lose weight fast, but also shows you how to adopt the habits that will keep the weight off long-term.

Step 2: Start the Plan first.

When you use a fully-tested Diet Plan, with hundreds of well-documented successful dieters, you are virtually guaranteed to lose weight. And at the beginning, you will usually lose that weight FAST!

This means that at the start, you have no need for a pill! Try the natural, healthy approach first - and give that Healthy Diet Plan enough time to give you some great results!

Step 3: Provide SAFE assistance, if necessary.

A Comprehensive Diet Plan will make recommendations to you, of SAFE, diet supplements. After the initial rapid weight loss period, from the Healthy Diet approach, you MAY begin to see the rate of weight loss slow down. If so, THEN you can use the SAFE recommended supplement, to "assist" your existing Healthy Diet Plan.

Use the diet supplement ONLY if you see your fat loss results begin to dwindle. But if you do use it, start with an amount that is LESS than what the diet supplement recommends.

Surprised? Think about it. You are already losing weight the HEALTHY, natural way. So you probably do NOT need a full dose of the diet pill, to boost your results. Try a reduced dosage first, and give that a chance to work.

The most important point here, is to start with a Healthy Complete Diet Plan - FIRST! You can always boost your results later on, IF you find that your weight loss begins to slow.

To learn how *I* succeeded in losing fat rapidly & easily, look for some future articles on this - with ALL the details! Or if you’re in a hurry, you can just read this...

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Monday, October 1, 2007



Lipozene: Can You Really Lose Weight Fast with Lipozene?

One of the more recent diet supplement "stars" is Lipozene. But is it really a quick and easy solution to your weight loss problem?

Lipozene is made by Obesity Research Institute, a company that marketed previous diet pill products named Propolene & Fiberslim. In all cases, the same main ingredient was used: Glucomannan.

Now I'll try not to bore you with technical terms from my Chemistry lab books, but essentially, glucomannan is a fiber supplement. And I'm sure you've heard about the benefits of eating enough fiber: lower cholesterol levels, lower blood-fat levels, and regular bowel movements.

But other than giving you a "full feeling" by eating it before you eat your meal, there's no evidence to suggest that fiber itself, increases your rate of fat burning. So before you whip out your credit card for that 3-month supply, let me give you the honest truth here: Lipozene has some big problems!

Now I know you've probably read a lot of "stories", about people who have supposedly succeeded in losing weight fast with Lipozene. Well you're lucky: *I* refuse to promote anything just to make a buck, if I don't feel that it's the best option for you! So I'm gonna tell you the real (ugly) truth about Lipozene - then I'll tell you how to SUCCEED at fast, easy weight loss!

First, the ugly truth:

1) Call them "diet pills" or just "diet supplements" - they're still drugs - and they still have ugly side effects. Some of which can cause dangerous health issues for you!

2) The point I made above: glucomannan is nothing more than fiber. So why not save money, and just buy one of the many, cheap, "fiber supplements" available at your local pharmacy?

3) If you take a good look at all diet pill "success stories", you'll find that most of them are from dieters who were already following a diet plan. And some of them were even exercising too! So it's questionable whether they could have lost just as much weight, without resorting to the use of a diet pill.

4) But of all the problems associated with Lipozene, the biggest one is this company's history of Scams!

Obesity Research Institute has already been suspected of numerous scams, detailed in a long list of customer complaints. Worst of all, the Federal Trade Commission slapped the company with a 1.5 *million-dollar* fine! (For "false and unsubstantiated claims".)

So you can see, this is not a company you'd really want to buy any product from. And given the list of concerns above, why would you bother with Lipozene? But fortunately for you, there are SAFE ways to accelerate your fat loss! I will discuss these, in my next article.

To learn how *I* succeeded in losing my fat rapidly & easily, look for my future articles on this - with ALL the details! Or if you’re in a hurry, you can just read this...

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