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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sacred Heart Diet

Sacred Heart Diet

Sacred Heart Diet: Will The Sacred Heart Diet Get Rid Of Fat Fast!?

Does the Sacred Heart Diet work? Will it cause you to rapidly lose fat? And what is it?

This diet is neither "new", nor "innovative". It's merely offered up every few years, to a new group of people who have never heard of it - and thus think it's something special.

The story that accompanies the diet is that the Sacred Heart Hospital in Canada, created and used this diet for heart surgery patients who's excess weight made surgery that much more dangerous. The idea is that the hospital needed a fast-working diet, to help these patients lose substantial weight before their approaching surgery.

The truth is, both the Hospital, it's Medical Centre, and the American Heart Association, ALL have distanced themselves from this diet - as a "phony". (Other names for this "phony" diet are: the Miami Heart Institute Diet, the Spokane Heart Diet, the Cleveland Clinic Diet.)

Now in all fairness, some people have reported weight loss results from using the Sacred Heart Diet. However, those results tend to be short-lived, and the diet itself causes it's own problems:

a) If the diet causes rapid weight loss, it's mostly water, and is quickly regained after use.

b) The extreme low-calorie nature of the diet, prohibits it's use in the long-term.

c) The extreme low calories and the choices of "allowed" foods, cause widespread side effects like: dizziness, weakness, fainting, and most often, diarrhea.

It is possible, however, to lessen some of these effects. (I talk more about that, in the next article, which also lists the diet's rules in detail.)

The diet is based on a central soup recipe, and lasts for seven days. Also allowed is a short list of acceptable fluids, plus the occasional "treat". The treats include such foods as beef, rice, and even a baked potato with butter.

So does the Sacred Heart Diet work? Well, if you can tolerate the strong and unpleasant side effects, and you only need to lose weight temporarily - then yes, I suppose it "works". Finally, as I said above, it is possible to reduce the unpleasant side effects and other problems with the diet.. But if you want a Healthy Diet plan, one that can be used long-term, and one that not only loses weight but Keeps It Off - then you have to look elsewhere. You need a Complete plan, that not only get the fat off, but helps you adopt a "Healthy Lifestyle", that you can use to look GREAT for the rest of your life!

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