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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Celopin Diet Pill

Celopin Diet Pill

Celopin Diet Pill: Does Celopin or any Diet Pill, Help You Lose Weight Fast?

Does Celopin Diet Pill work? Does it accelerate weight loss? And is it safe?

There's a long history of diet pills - and their dangerous side effects. From the amphetamines of the '50s ("speed" as diet pill!)... to the famous "fen-phen" disaster (when the FDA was humiliated, by having to recall a highly dangerous diet pill combination - mere months after they had approved it!)... to the "natural" diet pills of more recent years... (note that just because a diet pill gets its main ingredient "naturally" from a plant source, doesn't make it any safer than ingredients developed in the lab. Curare kills quickly, ya know!)... we've seen a long line of "disasters" in diet pill history.

And most people will remember the recent recall of all diet pills containing ephedra. A more potent relative of caffeine, this ingredient caused widespread reports of heart problems, before it was eventually taken off the shelves in stores across all the Western, advanced-civilized nations!

On the other hand, some dieters have claimed that a few types of diet pills have helped them lose weight. But those results are always accompanied by familiar problems:

i) Frequent side effects including several different types of heart problems, diarrhea/constipation, sleeplessness, feelings of anxiety and higher stress, fainting, and elevated blood pressure.

ii) Addiction. Several diet pill ingredients have suspected addictive qualities, and many people have reported getting "hooked" on using diet pills, long after their diets have ended.

Plus, there are other common obstacles to using diet pills, which you must deal with:

a) Diet pills only give you short-term results. Their effect lessens with time, as your body gets used to the presence of the pill's main ingredient(s), and naturally counteracts the pill's effects.

b) The Bounce. Most users of diet pills find that after they stop using the pills, the weight comes back. But worse than that, studies have found that many diet pill users wind up at a HIGHER weight than when they started. (That has happened to me personally, with more than one diet pill I tried!)

c) Not surprisingly, Big Pharma doesn't want to lose the huge amounts of money it makes from diet pills. So they've now begun offering diluted, over-the-counter brands of their leading prescription diet pills. But a diluted pill, has a diluted effect - so these pills are even more USELESS than their prescription counterparts!

Diet Pills promise "fast and easy fat loss" but to get there, you have to suffer through an "obstacle course" - including a list of possibly dangerous side effects. There ARE ways to lessen these obstacles, plus there are some great alternatives which can help you REALLY lose weight "fast and easy". The Secret is to use a Complete Diet Plan, which gives you long-term PERMANENT weight loss... while helping you to enjoy a more healthy nutritional lifestyle!

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